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Wireless Tally

In a television studio, a tally light is a small signal-lamp on a professional video camera or monitor. It is usually located just above the lens or on the electronic viewfinder (EVF) and communicates, for the benefit of those in front of the camera as well as the camera operator, that the camera is ‘live’ – i.e. its signal is being used for the ‘main program’ at that moment. Tally (also known as the ‘on-air’ indication) lights are typically red, although some cameras and video switchers accept a preview tally signal, which is typically green. (wiki)

This solution was created to be used in conjunction with the previous project BlackMagic Design ATEM Television Studio Console and make possible to wirelessly notify the camera operators that they are live of about to go live.
It use a Arduino Pro Mini and a RF24 module to each camera as well as another pair as master. Arduino_Pro_Mini(2)

Runs on 2xAA batteries and last a long time (still deserve some calculations to be precise). It´s fully functional, but is still getting some improvements like in speed response. An intercom system using the same hardware will be integrated in the near future.
This project uses open source hardware and software :)




Works by showing the Preview and Program status, with green and red respectively, and a blinking two color led-ram, blue when get ok response from the master and red when is out of range.

It can work without the Console Project, just changing the Arduino on the master side to a Ethernet version or shield and adapting the code, but it will limit the response during video transitions and FTB operations.

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